Mar 29

Show Us Your Wits TV Show

Show Us Your Wits TV Show
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Touted as the first “strip club game show”, Show Us Your Wits uses a similar format to the television show Cash Cab, whereas unsuspecting contestants have to answer rapid-fire questions for monetary compensation. Rather than a taxi cab setting, these contestants enter a lap dance room at the Las Vegas Palomino Club, only to be surprised by former Playboy Playmate Daphnee Duplaix. The men then have to answer her “guy-related” trivia questions (sports, pop culture, etc.) while getting a lap dance from a real girl from the club. Each correct answer garners a cash reward which they can then keep or utilize in the “Double Or Nothing” round. The “Double Or Nothing” challenge gave the contestants more difficult questions and distractions from two nude strippers as opposed to one.

Mar 28

Naughty Bookworms Siterip
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If you like the naughty schoolgirl look: the plaid skirt, the knee socks, the nerdy glasses… then Naughty Bookworms by Naughty America is the place for you. These girls look like nerds, but behind closed doors, the hair comes down and the glasses come off for some teacher student sex. This is the hottest student teacher porn you’ll ever see! Watch these naughty student porn videos in HD and on your iPad, tablet or mobile device, as well as your desktop!

Mar 24

My Wife Ashley Siterip
Hosted at: Rapidgator, Uploaded, #Clips: 49, Size: 3GiB+

I am so glad you stopped by to check out all our home-made amateur porn videos and pictures. I enjoy all sorts of sexual encounters as you will see inside…can’t wait to share it all with you! I hope you enjoy your visit here at my site. xoxo Ashley

Mar 20

Lilus Handjobs Siterip
Hosted at: Rapidgator, Uploaded, #Clips: 71, Size: 19GiB+

Sexy pornstar Anna Morna is one nasty little slut that loves to suck your fat cock. She also loves role play and playing dress up. The way she spits on your dick and jerks you off gets you hard immediately. Then using her warm wet tongue, she really gets you throbbing. She doesn’t stop until she milks all the sticky goo from your balls with her premium blowjob receiving a nice fat facial! Thanks Anna

Mar 17

Cuckold Sessions Siterip
Hosted at: Rapidgator, Uploaded, #Clips: 52, Size: 59GiB+

Valentina Nappi is a foreign exchange student whose being hosted by Kade and his family. Kade is quick to discover that Valentina is fucking her African-American Studies professor, much to the dismay of Kade. We find Professor Diesel in his study as Kade barges in and demands answers-that’s a huge blunder on the part of the gutsy white boy. Shane’s not too happy and decides that a lesson in humility’s in order. We begin things with Valentina Nappi showing the cuckold exactly why she’s been living dangerously by fucking Professor Diesel- it’s the monstrosity that he carries in his pants to class on a daily basis. Valentina and Professor Diesel give Kade a private lesson on exactly how a white slut, American or otherwise, should get fucked and how the white man has no place in satisfying the Italian import. Professor Diesel has the cuckold take mental notes on the ways of fucking white pussy….and it ain’t gonna be from Kade’s white dick! Valentina Nappi’s mouth and pussy get fucked all over Professor Diesel’s study,and Kade’s lesson in minding his own fucking business comes to an end when Valentina’s Italian fuck hole gets creamed by a huge black cock. Take a wile guess as to who’s too close for comfort once the black cock begins to erupt!

Mar 16

Colombia Fuck Fest Siterip
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We love Latin women! Especially thre ones that love to fuck. Juana is perfect for today’s ColombiaFuckFest update. She’s sexy! Nice tits, a juicy ass and sweet tasty pussy. Juana waste no time at all. Pull your cocks out and lets get to the fucking. Charly and Pipe Leon got their hands full. This hot mama loves to fuck. Enjoy!

Mar 15

Summer Lovin TVSHOW (HD)

Summer Lovin TV Show
Hosted at: Rapidgator, Uploaded, #Clips: 31, Size: 24GiB+

Young, beautiful Keiko grows restless in her small town existence, as she dreams of what’s beyond the town limits. Only when a summer breeze blows into town – and with it, a chance encounter. – does her dream appear to be a possibility. When drifter Jake arrives in town, he and Keiko lock eyes, the attraction is undeniable. Will Keiko risk everything to take a chance on love with a stranger or will she do what her family expects and stay the course. Find out if this summer romance can withstand the heat.

Mar 08

Student Sex Friends Siterip
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As you see from the name all of us are students and we are sex buddies as well. It all started a year ago or so… I had a party in my place, you know these parties – lotsa beer, hot chicks in skimpy skirts and tiny tops ;) I was playing with my then new cam while everyone was dancing, kissing, etc. Suddenly I said: “Hey guys, what if you fuck and I film?” Probably they were all drunk and crazy but they agreed! That was the first orgy I filmed… And then I had another brilliant idea. We were always short of money so what if we make a site and place our videos there! That’s how our first site StudentSexParties was launched. Now we are doing this all the time (say full-time ;)) You are gonna love my dirty friends who don’t know the word “shame” and eagerly have hardcore sex everywhere, either it’s inside or outdoors! Join our site to check what we have there and feel free to contact us if you have some kinky idea. We’ll make it true for you!

Mar 01

Porn Tour Siterip
Hosted at: Rapidgator, Uploaded, #Clips: 80, Size: 33GiB+

Maya Li n’a pas gagné le mois dernier mais l’écart avec Jade Laroche était tellement infime que nous avons décidé de quand même la faire revenir! Ce n’est que du bonus! Pour sa seconde vidéo porno l’amatrice, devenue une vraie actrice porno asiatique, se fait baiser par Dean Na …

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Feb 26

Meet My Sweet Siterip
Hosted at: Rapidgator, Uploaded, #Clips: 19, Size: 24GiB+

Welcome to Meet My Sweet! You know this anxiety when you decide to introduce your girlfriend to your mom and dad? You want everything to go perfect and your palms may be even sweating. Imagine the meeting turns into a disaster, a sexy, sweaty, dirty disaster! At Meet My Sweet, girls meet their guys’ families – and get threesome! That’s right, these old geezers and horny old bags still have it in them. The girl can’t say no, she gotta show respect! Check out our crazy HD videos with girlfriend and family get-togethers going out of hand!

Feb 26

Oldje Siterip
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Young Alexis is getting bored in the hotel room reading magazines, while Oldje is preoccupied with his documents. She is feeling lonely and horny but the old man thinks that sexual activities are a behavior for animals and he would only have sex with his wife to produce lovely children, he reminds her that they…

Feb 24

Make Him Cuckold Siterip
Hosted at: Rapidgator, Uploaded, #Clips: 49, Size: 24GiB+

This chick knows her boyfriend has been cheating on her cuz she found a few condoms in his pocket and now this unfaithful schmuck is gonna get punished in the most perverted way. His honey turns him into a cuckold having her secret lover wrap his hands to his head with duct tape and getting fucked right in front of his eyes. The poor lad has nowhere to go, so all he can do is moan and suffer while his girlfriend cums hard and takes a cumshot.

Feb 22

Help My Wife Siterip
Hosted at: Rapidgator, Uploaded, #Clips: 14, Size: 14GiB+

Welcome to Help My Wife! Sometimes old farts are lucky enough to end up marrying a hot trophy wife. They thought they could keep it up, but sorry, not really. So, the geezer asks a younger male to fulfill his wife’s needs. This is what Help My Wife is all about, sugar daddies and older husbands watching some random hung stud bang the hell out of their young, needy wives! We got a load of HD video episodes to blow your mind away, so start now!