Sep 12

Oye Loca – Samia Duarte (HD)

Samia Duarte – Sexy Latin Rub And Fuck
Released: September 11, 2014

Samias new masseur was running late and she was pretty pissed when he finally showed up. So you can imagine how upset she was when he told her she had to be completely naked to get a massage and if she didnt like it, he had other places to go. She already made the appointment and he had a great reputation so she stripped and let him rub her down. Before long, Samias pussy was moist and begging for a pounding so he whipped it out and slayed her snatch for the ultimate release! After he blasted her face with his huge jizz load she understood why his reputation preceded him.

Aug 15

Oye Loca – Dacota Rock (HD)

Dacota Rock – Dacota Gets Rocked
Released: August 14, 2014

Our Barcelona boys got hooked up this week as they met up with Dacota Rock, an old friend of one of their sisters. From the moment we saw her body marching towards the camera in her tight white dress, we knew this was gonna be fun! She came to Barcelona looking for modeling work and the boys had an opportunity lined up for her – as long as she didnt mind getting smashed on cam! She took it one step further and started sucking one of them off in public before taking her back to the studio and having his way with her juicy Spanish booty! Getting to fuck your sisters friend is a dream come true, but letting you fuck her on camera and take a semen shot in her mouth for the world to see is even better!

Jul 28

Oye Loca – Gala Brown (HD)

Gala Brown – Pussy With A View
Released: July 27, 2014

While still in Barcelona we were excited to meet up, and shoot, with first-timer Gala Brown but we had a little problem – we didnt have any sort of room to go back to. Lucky for us, Gala was down to fuck in public and give the world a show! She has one of the most amazing, fattest, asses weve ever seen and a perky pair of tanned tits. We found an amazing spot overlooking the beach and knew this was the place to start getting it in. Gala is all about pleasing and knows how to do it with her mouth and tight Spanish pussy. If you listen closely, you can hear a few people cheering our boy on from the beach right before he came inside Galas waiting mouth and face!

Jun 27

Oye Loca – Alicia Poz (HD)

Alicia Poz – She Needs The Money
Released: June 25, 2014

We took a trip to Barcelona, Spain, and while there decided to go on the hunt for some local booty, I mean talent. After coming across nothing but old people we spotted sexy Alicia Poz chatting on her phone. She looked like a model from far and up close she was stunning. She told us she was having trouble finding a job, so we offered her a modeling opportunity. Traveling around the world taking pics doesnt sound so bad when youre jobless, so she came back to our studio. Thats when we told her the truth – that we wanted to fuck her brains out on camera and pay her for it. Lucky for us she was DTF for the dough eagerly shoved the cock deeeeeeep down her throat; repeatedly. This Latina bombshell bounces on the dick like a trampoline and gagged on the massive load of cum that hit the back of her throat!

Sep 25

Oye Loca – Marlene Ochoa (HD)

Marlene Ochoa – I Like it Nice ‘N’ Thick
Released: September 24, 2013

Marlene is not your typical Latina. She is not afraid to call herself a dirty little whore, nor fuck on camera which made her perfect for our South American hunt for teen pussy. This babe really knew how to suck a cock and get her fuck on. I miss Argentina already.

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Aug 29

Oye Loca – Lara Castellanos (HD)

Lara Castellanos – Latinas Just Wanna Have Fun
Released: August 28, 2013

The free spirited & fun Lara wants something else out of life. Instead of passionate walks down the beach, she???d rather get a passionate hard cock in the ass all while blowing a dick as well. She says guys cocks usually aren???t long enough for her and she???s ready for the challenge today. Sounds like a fun girl, right? On OyeLoca, these Latinas just wanna have fun…..

Feb 15

Oye Loca – Lorena Lobos

Lorena Lobos – Some Latina Pussy To Go Please
Released: February 11, 2013

We were having lunch at this spot in our hotel in Medellin and Lorena Lobos was the chick waiting our table. She seemed really laid back and loose so I spit the porn game on her and convinced her to come back to our room. What€™s so special about that you ask? Well, nothing, we always pull shit off like this but Lorena gave us this awesome little nugget of info: she has a boyfriend at home she was pissed off at. Back at the room we were fucking her face and fucking that tight Colombian pussy for one of the best OyeLoca episodes to date!

Jan 26

Oye Loca – Susana Pino

Susana Pino – Bollito In Baranquilla
Released: January 23, 2013

What€™s Bollito mean? It means pussy. Team Skeet loves you and wants you to stay cultured and informed. The more you know! Anyway, Susan Pino was fucking SMOKING HOT. Susan Pino had ass from here to Japan, something I€™m sure our OyeLoca fans will surely appreciate! Susan was all alone on her way to the beach and Cristian scooped her up so we could spread those thick legs and that fat Latina pussy on camera for you! After some bullshitting, we had her riding cock and yelling que rico! WINNING!